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4WD Roof Racks and Outfitting

Many 4WD enthusiasts like to customize their vehicles to suit their needs. The right accessories enable the vehicles to carry gas bottles, use solar power, support tents or annexes, carry spare tires or petrol cans.

Front Mount Spotlight Brackets

Spotlights or fog lights can be mounted on the front of the vehicle

Gas Bottle Holders

Do you cook with gas? or use it for heating? A gas bottle holder on the vehicle means there is more space inside the vehicle. It also means that there is no danger of a gas bottle leaking in an enclosed space.

Shade Clamp

Some shade clamps on the side of the vehicle make it easy to add an annex. This means putting up some shade in no time at all as the vehicle replaces most of the need for poles and pegs.

Shovel Clamp

Carry a shovel securely on the outside of the vehicle. This helps keep tools away from the car’s interior.

Solar Panel Mounting

A solar panel provides power in any decent sunny weather. A proper mount keeps matters convenient and safe.

Roof Racks Perth

Nearly every 4WD is fitted with a roof rack. The extra storage space that this affords is so versatile, for carrying anything from surfboards to camping equipment, bikes to construction supplies.

We can fit a roof rack specifically designed for almost any model of vehicle. These roof racks are designed to be strong and secure while still remaining low in weight. This minimal weight roof rack maximizes the total weight that your vehicle an carry.

Side Ladders

A ladder on the back or side of the vehicle is the most convenient way to access the roof rack on a tall vehicle.

Wind Deflector

A wind deflector in front of the rook rack makes the vehicle a little more steamline. This means it is a little more fuel efficient, and a little less noise at high speeds.