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4wd Roof Racks

Those who have traveled in the outback at least once or twice will attest to the importance of making the best use of the limited storage capacity of a vehicle. This is a matter of both physical space and weight restrictions (load). We literally can only take what we carry with us, so we must make everything we take worthwhile.

Roof Racks Sydney

A Car Roof Rack is a great method of storing equipment, especially gear that won’t fit into the cabin, or equipment like fuel or gas that we prefer to keep away from passengers. But loading the roof comes with some challenges.

– The roof rack must be a solidly build. Light roof racks are fine for cars that carry fishing rods and stay on main roads. But 4WDs need really solid roof-rack construction.
– A roof rack actually should have a certain amount of flex in its fittings. A vehicle will have a certain amount of flex when it drives on a rods, more so on an outback path; the roof rack must flex with the vehicle.
– Putting weight on the top of the vehicle will raise the centre of gravity. This can lead to stability issues. Care must be taken when breaking, cornering, or on any slope.
– The weight in and on the vehicle must be distributed evenly. Uneven weight will make car handling difficult.
– Try keeping heavier gear inside the vehicle to lower the centre of gravity.
– The weight limit of the vehicle is probably between 50kg and 100kg. This will include the roof rack itself. So a lighter roof rack (20kg vs 50kg) makes a significant difference.

‌‌An easily overlooked advantage is that the a roof rack can be accessed from three sides. So unlike the back door of the vehicle there is rarely the need to move some equipment to access the item you are looking for.

Roof Racks Melbourne

The right roof-rack for your vehicle means being able to operate in the best way when traveling. We have custom designed roof racks for every major make and model of 4WD, Ute and van.