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Avoid Rust

Car Roof Rack

Rust is a form of corrosion that can affect most metals. In chemical terms it is oxidization of the metal. In practical terms the strong metal terms into a weak substance that will not hold together by itself.

Rust will occur in wet, humid or acidic conditions.

All cars are prone to rust, though some are far more resilient than others. Aluminium alloy on cars will not rust unless exposed to salt. Stainless steel will not rust unless exposed to other metals, or a corrosive environment. As almost all cars are made of steel so almost all cars will rust in not looked after.

Rust can certainly be a hard to detect problem when salt, dirt, moisture or chemicals accumulate in parts of the car not normally cleaned. It can also be problem if the paint is scratched, exposing the bare metal underneath.

Preventing Rust

  • Clean the vehicle frequently
  • Keep the underside as clean as possible
  • If you drive on salted roads the car should be washed in winter, at least monthly.
  • Wash the car monthly if you live near the ocean, as there is salt in the air.
  • Remove foreign material from the surface of the car. Many things can eat through the paint.
  • Inspect the car for scratches, because the exposed metal is prone to rust. Have any holes in the metal treated by a professional.
  • Keep internal floors clean, especially under mats.
  • Transport any corrosive items (pool supplies, fishing equipment, fertilizer) in sealed containers.
  • Carry wet items externally on a roof rack is possible.

Roof Racks Melbourne

Roof racks are designed to last, and allow your vehicle to carry more equipment. Keeping equipment like fishing gear and gas bottles outside the vehicle is an added safety bonus.