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4WD Roof Racks

Older styles of roof rack were almost always left as bare metal. This was because the mental used, aluminium and stainless steel, were notoriously difficult to paint. These surface either needed harsh primers to hold the paint to the surface, or the paint was not expected to last for long. Aluminium could be coloured by anodization, but this never proved popular because the semi-gloss colours never matched the car.

Later technology meant the development of roof racks with a fine looking painted finish that lasted for years. This is commonly in smooth black as this colour and finish suits the styling of so many 4WDs.

This new style of paint actually protects the roof rack. If the paint is damaged it is best to touch it up left the exposed metal will rust.

Other accessories can be given the same black finish. This included spare tyre holders, gas bottle holders, tool and shovel holders, tent mounts, Roo bars, lighting racks.

Roof Racks Perth

We have roof racks custom designed for every make of 4WD. Have your business of personal vehicle fitted out in the best way possible.