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Roof Racks Perth
At Tracklander we endevour to make the definite car roof rack, custom designed for each vehicle.
There are many advantages to our designs.

UNLIMITED TIE DOWN POINTS – The Tracklander mesh base is welded at every contact point. This provides unlimited strong tie-down points and increased strength for your roof rack.

100% OFF ROAD LOAD RATED – These racks are designed for heavy duty use, not just easy city driving.

5 YEAR UNLIMITED KM GUARANTEE – No matter how many km’s you travel we know our roof racks will work reliably.

NATIONWIDE BACKING – We have service centers all over Australia.

LOW NOISE- QUIET TRAVEL – These designs are aerodynamic, so they will not not cause drag or lift off the vehicle. They also produce very little noise. This helps fuel consumption.

LOW PROFILE – A bulky roof rack will raise the roof clearance of the vehicle. Our low profile design minimizes this.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG – The perfect balance between strength and weight, with unrivaled strength and load capacity. A heavy roof rack would weight down the vehicle, and actually prevent you from carrying heavy loads.

ACCESSORIES FOR EVERY APPLICATION – Check the accessories section for the full range. have everything you need in easy reach.

FLEXES WITH YOUR VEHICLE, PROTECTING IT FROM DAMAGE – a rigid roof rack would cause strain. Our designs flex by just the right amount. they are like a natural extension on your car.

Roof Racks Perth

Have the right roof rack and accesories for your vehicle, and benefit from their function for years to come.