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Cleaning Mud

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More than any other type of vehicle a 4WD will be exposed to tough and dirty conditions. This is true with the vehicle is used for mining, commercial, military or personal off road use. Cleaning the dirt off the vehicles afterward is an important issue.

Red mud from the Australian outback can have a corrosive effect on many materials, mostly on plastic and rubber. This is bad enough if it is window seals and body trim. Far worse if it affects electrical wiring. Some vehicles have a vulnerable spot in having a low mounted alternator, which risks failure if exposed to mud.

Dust another issue in the outback. Paintwork doesn’t like dust. It will ruin the finish very quickly. And trying to wipe it off only makes it worse, and the dust is hard enough to cause scratches. The lighthearted habit using your finger to write in the dust on a vehicle is more serious that is first appears. The dust will scratch the paint and the writing will be partially left visible even when the dust is removed.

If exposed to mus and dust it is best to hose down the vehicle as soon as possible. This often isn’t possible if your are still in the outback. Occasionally there might be a river that allows you to wash the underside of the car. But this is unlikely in dry conditions.

If you do manage to hose down the vehicle you will be surprised at the mount of mud and grime that comes off. More than a few 4WD drive owners claim it took as long to clean off the driveway afterwards as it did to clean the vehicle.

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Modern roof racks are made of aluminium or other rust proof metals. There is little that can be damaged by exposure to water and mud. A custom designed and well fitted roof rack is as sturdy as the vehicle it becomes a part of.