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Company Vehicles

It doesn’t have to be difficult to set up a vehicle for business purposes. There are many options for storage, both for tools, equipment and supplies. With a little research you can find the best options for your line of work, both in terms of the vehicels (Van, Ute, Truck), and with the added storage equipment.

Ask yourself:
– Is there one company vehicle, or could there be two or more vehicles set up for different tasks?
– Internal space. A slightly larger van may hold two road cases, while a slightly smaller one can only hold one. The slight increase effectively doubles what you can carry for some situations.
– Are them some tools and facilities you need every time, or most of the time? These can be stored permanently in the vehicle.
– Do you need general space left open for carrying different equipment for different jobs.
– Do you need to carry wet or dirty equipment? Wet pipes and oily shifters? The storage space will need to be waterproof to accommodate this. And consider a removable floor cover for easy cleaning.
– Slide out drawers are great for storing tools.
– If you have van with side and read doors you can use this for different storage need. Access tools at the rear door; access general supply storage form the side.
– Removable tool boxes are great for smaller tools.
– Does some delicate equipment require safe storage? A multimeter might need a padded drawer where it does not roll about.
– Do you want to put tools in different categories. Have appropriate draws for this.

External Storage

You can have storage for shovels or fire estinguishers that might be needed for emergency use.

Gas Bottle Storage

Gas bottles can be carried outside the vehicle. This make for easy access. And there is no risk of gas leaking inside the vehicle.

Roof Racks Sydney

A Car Roof Rack is a worth addition to many vehicles, especially company vehicles. Not only does it give more general storage space, it also allow you to carry items like long pipes that would not fit inside the car.

Company Colours

There is a certain psychological boost to having a vehicle with company colours and logos. It feels professional and provides inexpensive advertising.
You can change the appearance of the van or truck with a printed adhesive film. Or use large magnetic signs with the company details.

Have the company vehicles that make you look and feel professional, and the proves super functional for the business you are in.