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Car Roof Rack

Roof racks provide extra storage space for a vehicle. We might need this extra space because there is limited room inside the car, because individual items are too large to fit inside the car, or because some items, perhaps wet fishing gear or surfboards, are best kept outside the vehicle, away from the passengers.

Car roof racks are popular with both private cars and commercial vehicles. Private cars, especially 4WDs, can carry extra luggage on holidays or beach trip of they have a roof rack. Commercial vehicles with a roof rack can carry equipment, especially large or dirty item like pipes or ladders, that could never be put inside the vehicle.

Loading Roof Racks Sydney

Of course roof racks can’t do everything. There is only so much weight a car can carry. If we exceed this weight then the car will not operate safely. And even when a heavy load is below the maximum it will still make the car a little difficult to handle.

It is easy to overlook the fact that the roof rack has considerable weight, and this is part of the load. It is pointless to have a roof rack that is too heavy, because there will be way to add any luggage. So a light weight roof rack is preferable.

Modern roof racks are either aluminium or stainless steel. These are fairly light weight, but allow the vehicle to carry a moderately heavy load.

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Car Roof racks must be custom designed for each make and model of vehicle; every car is different, so they will require a different roof rack. we have roof racks to suit every make of 4WD, truck and utility vehicle.

Our custom roof racks will last as long as your car.