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You may need a Car Roof Rack to carry more equipment and supplies. But really, if you don’t need a roof rack, then don’t have one fitted. You save money by not having a roof rack. For one thing they cause drag, which means higher fuel costs.

When considering storage, You might more storage than what the interior of the car provides. Or you just might need to keep things outside the vehicle, like fuel, LPG gas or portable toilets. Sometimes it is a matter of the item being too large to store inside, like surfboards or fishing rods. These are often wet as well as large, so there are two reasons to keep them outside.

A slightly different approach is to use the roof rack for a solar panel, which can charge the second battery or power a portable fridge.

Types of Car Roof Rack

Roof Bars – These are as simple as it gets – a pair of bars that run from one side of the roof to the other. And this is fine for carrying surfboards of fishing gear.
Some vehicles have rood bars that run from front to back. These tend to be of little use, though it is easy to attach some crossbars to these sidebars and use the crossbars as the roof rack. Furthermore, bars that run from front to back are quite aerodynamic, so they won’t raise fuel consumption much.

Baskets – This is literally a wire basket, securely attached to the roof. They are easy to use, and fine for carrying backpacks and sleeping bags, as well as other luggage, as long as everything is tied down.
Baskets are rather intrusive, so while the drag and fule cost are low, do you really want a basket on the top of your car?

Full Length Wire Cages – These are like the delux version of the basket, only they look more serious and carry much larger loads. The downside is that you are expected to contain everything within the cage, nothing can overhang. Though some cages have the front removed to allow long items like fishing rods.

Roof Racks Melbourne

The best roof rack will always be one custom designed for your vehicle. We have Car Roof racks for every make of 4WD, Ute and van.