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4WD Roof Racks Melbourne

Even with the ubiquity of mobile phones many 4WD vehicles will also install a UHF radio for talking to other vehicles. These have an advantage in not needing a network to function, like mobiles do. Instead, UHF radios work by line of sight. Their signal will reach another radio as long as it isn’t blocked by a mountain or the curve of the earth.

Vehicle UHF Radios consists of an Ariel, the radio itself, and the power from the battery. Different models of radio can broadcast at different powers, with 5 watts being the maximum legally allowed. Lower wattage transmission is fine for shorter distances; high power goes further but drains the battery. A few radios allow you to switch between low, medium and high power settings.

The Ariel is essential for UHF radios. Decent Radio transmission requires an Ariel length of 1/4 wavelength of the transmission frequency. Often this means an Ariel of several meters length. Obviously we cannot have such a long Ariel left vertically, it is far too tall. So the Ariel is usually attached to the front and rear of the vehicle, and bend over the roof.

Fittings for the Ariel will attach to the front bull bar and the back of the roof rack. As long as the length of the Ariel is accommodated it is simply a matter of having secure attachments for the Ariel itself. Custom brackets for this are available.

Some higher frequency radio units use a smaller Ariel. This can be mounted vertically if it is not too high.

4WD Roof Racks Sydney

Custom designed roof racks, bull bars and Ariel mounts allow you to set up the vehicle in a way that suits your needs.