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Roof Racks Melbourne

Vehicle owners always talk about roof racks Melbourne, lately. And when they talk about this topic, Tracklander always pops out in the conversation. Why so? Read on.
With numerous options and styles that are available in the roof rack market, today, it can be very hard to decide what to choose that will suit your style. When you choose a certain style, you get exactly what you need from a roof rack; you disregard roof racks that won’t fit your lifestyle.

There are 5 common styles of roof racks commonly available; Open-Rear, Tent-Style, Basket-Style, Open-Ends and Flat-Deck. So which one to choose? How do you decide which one you really need? No worries, we’ll go through the options with more details. This way, you’ll know exactly each one’s attributes and their specific purposes.


This type‘s advantages are: upright wind deflection with the open-end style; it’s a quiet roof rack, and is able to carry long loads, with the overhang being sent over the rear of your roof rack.


This is almost similar to the Open-Rear but is specifically built around your tent. Fully customisable with regards length. You can adapt this roof rack to suit your tent’s size. You’ll see the difference at roof rack’s front end section; a section of mesh is welded to the base so it is fully functional in carrying loads.