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4wd Roof Racks

If we are going on a long trip far away from civilization then we need to make use of inch of storage space possible. We also need ot make sure the space of what we store is evenly balanced.

One very popular way to store extra luggage is a roof rack. These make use of the space on top of the vehicle. And they allow us store equipment outside that we would rather not keep inside the cabin. Things like gas and wet fishing gear are best stored outside the car.

What to Look for in a 4WD roof Rack:

– Construction quality – A commercially purchased roof rack will meet applicable standards.
– Custom designed for the vehicle. Of course no two models of car are the same. A few light weight roof racks will fit to most cars. but a serious roof rack is as much a part of the vehicle as the engine or bumber. It is made for the position it is in.
– Tie down points. Of course a load needs to be tied down. A roof rack with a mesh grid will provide countless tie-down points.
– Flex – The custom designed rack will have this – the roof rack flexes just as the car flexes.
– Weight – The vehicle will have a maximum load, and this includes the weight of the roof rack. The lighter the rack the more load you can carry.
– Balance – The rack needs to be packed so that the weight is even distributed.
– Height – by putting a load on top you are raising the height of the vehicle. Be careful of low clearance situations.
– Center-of-gravity – the load on the top changes the center of gravity of the vehicle. The center of gravity of no longer as low as it was, so the stability is not as good.
– Drag – even when not loaded the roof-rack will cause some air-resistance. This means using slightly more fuel.
– Securing to the vehicle. Light roof-racks for street cars can be attached to the door frame. But serious 4WDs and their roof racks must be attached more securely. Most modern 4WD have mounting facilities provided by the manufacturers.

Roof Racks Sydney

Make the most use of your 4WD vehicle, and outfit it to do the tasks you want. A good quality custom designed roof rack is the first modification to consider.