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Roof Racks Melbourne

Traveling in the remote outback means no convenient hotels to stay in overnight, at least for most of the trip. And if you’re in harsh territory it also means no chance of towing a caravan. So the only options are sleeping in your vehicle or setting up a tent.

Setting up a tent takes a little time, and is a little awkward in the dark. It will also require some clean, flat space. But this isn’t too difficult most of the time. Yet these is a faster option.

An old idea that has retained some popularity is mounting a tent on the top of the vehicle. This has a few advantages. For one, it is very easy to set up. Another is that it is a very light load (tents don’t weight too much), so your vehicle won’t be overloaded, or had a high center of gravity. A third advantage is that there can be a fair amount of space in such a tent. The only disadvantage is that the roof rack cannot be used for anything else.

Tents mounted on the roof of a 4WD will usually have a structure that hangs over the side. So there will be a bed (often a double) on the roof and living space at the side of the vehicle. This is more space than most tents allow, and effectively gives you separate sleeping and living spaces.

Such a tent will require a roof rack to be mounted on. Most custom rood racks will handle this easily. The only factor is making sure the folded up tent is secure, and that the folded out tent and poles reach the ground adequately.

Roof Racks Melbourne

Roof racks prove so useful for 4WDs and trade vehicles. Have a customs rack fitted to your vehicle, and make use of the extra luggage space.